TaTME Safe Implementation

Surgery for rectal cancer is evolving using the newest minimal invasive single port platforms. This has led to transanal single port laparoscopy employing a reversed total mesorectal excision; the TaTME. The procedure has gained significant interest of colorectal surgeons and beyond since the new technique opens up new possibilities enabling high quality dissection in small difficult area’s. It has shown to result in better dissection of the low rectal cancers and has shown to have favorable outcome for patients. The VU University Medical Center, and The Gelderse Vallei hospital, have performed more than 100 procedures and have published scientific research concerning colorectal surgery and TATME. In addition the Spaarne Gasthuis and recently the IJsselland Hospital have also been trained in TaTME and performed substantial number of TaTME procedures. In order to educate and train consultants in transanal rectal cancer surgery the Vumc has set up a well evaluated TaTME course which has currently been running successfully since 2014. The experienced faculty of the four hospitals are involved in lectures and hands-on training. Our group is also internationally involved in TaTME courses. The learning curve of this technical demanding procedure will be evaluated prospectively in conjunction with the imperial College in London in order to assure quality and safety.  To evaluate the TATME procedure for patients with mid and low rectal cancer in terms of oncological outcome and functional outcome we have set up a randomized trial; The COLOR-III study.

Proctoring & Monitoring

We aim to educate experienced colorectal surgeons who are willing to perform this technique in their practice. Therefore we offer proctorships in addition to the course to guide the surgeon and her/his team to adapt the technique in her/his own clinic. All participating surgeons will be offered a proctoring program including five or more visits of international accredited proctors helping to set up the program in the own Hospital. Protocols will be handed out and team training will be included. In collaboration with Imperial college the quality of the procedure is assessed using an recently developed objective video assessment tool in order to achieve best quality surgery and patient care. The proctoring can be partly sponsored by industry. Special arrangements can be made in collaboration with the industry in collaboration with the VUmc. In order to apply for TaTME proctorship the center has to fulfill volume criteria, two surgeon training and the hands-on- course is required.

For detailed information please use contact information below.

 The course faculty and proctors
• Pascal Doornebosch ; faculty and proctor
• Eelco de Graaf ; course faculty and proctor
• Roel Hompes; course faculty • Joep Knol; course faculty
• Jeroen Meijerink; course faculty and proctor
• Steven Oosterling; course faculty
• Colin Sietses, course faculty and proctor
• Hein Stockmann; course faculty and proctor
• Jurriaan Tuynman, course faculty and proctor
• Ronald Vuylsteke; course faculty and proctor

• Titia van de Hoek, secretary
• Ron de Hoon, manager